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Ph.D. Graduation/Study regulations



1.New Student Registration

• Sign up [Online] New Students’ Online Enrollment System
• International College will arrange physical examination for newcomers including bachelor, master and Ph.D. students after admission.

2.Advisor Selection and Change

• Manage [Online] Course Information System
• Manage [Online] Course Selection System

3.Advisor Selection and Change

4.Subject Examination (Either Way)

  • 。Replace the Two Subjects Field Written Qualifying Examination with ONE article published or accepted for publication in SSCI, SCI, EI, TSSCI, or SCOPUS journals, with the name of the BA Dept. of Asia University. 
  • 4-1  Application to Take Written Qualifying Examination, take the subject examinations, and receive an average of ≧70 on a 100-point scale in the content area to pass (*Subject examinations are held once per semester.) (ODT / PDF / DOCX)

5.Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Defense

  • 5-1 Application to Thesis/Dissertation Proposal DefenseDOCX
  • 5-2 Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Evaluation Report (ODT / PDF / DOCX)

6.Application for Doctoral Candidacy

  • 。Complete all course credits, and pass the two subject examinations and dissertation proposal evaluation.
  • 。Approval of Academic Council.
  • 6-1 Admission to Doctoral Candidacy Form (ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 6-2 Advancement to Candidacy Certificate of Approval (with advisor’s signature) (ODT / PDF / DOCX)

7.Application for Doctoral Degree Examination
 (Dissertation Oral Defense)

  • 。 Approval of Academic Council
  • 7-1 Application Form of Thesis/Dissertation Degree Examiniation (approved by the Office of Academic Affairs Office) (ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 7-2 Application Form of Thesis/Dissertation Degree Examiniation (kept on file by the BA Dept.)(ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 7-3 Advisor Recommendation Form (ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 7-4 Publication List (ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 7-5  Announcement of Doctoral Dissertation Defense Committee Membership (ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 7-6 Ph.D. Student Zero-Credit Teaching Practicum Checklist (ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 7-7 Certificate of Participation in Workshop (ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 7-8 Reflection Report on Teaching Observation and Demonstration/Trial Teaching Template (Sample Format) (ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 7-9 Statement of Academic Ethics and Originality Comparison(ODT/PDF/DOCX)
  • 7-10 Documents submitted to the BA Department office(XLSX)

8.The Day of Dissertation Oral Defense

  • 8-1 Thesis/Dissertation Defense Evaluation Form (ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 8-2  Report on Thesis/Dissertation Degree Examination (ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 8-3 AACSB Rubrics (ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 8-4 Dissertation Defense Committee Approval Page (ODT / PDF / DOCX)
  • 8-5 Examiner/Reviewers Bank Account Form and Payments Receipt (ODT / PDF / DOCX)

9.Electronic Thesis/Dissertation System (Upload)

  • 。 [Online] After the BA Dept. approved that the format is correct, a set of account password of the system will be sent to the student’s mailbox so that the student can sign up to upload a final dissertation.
  • 。 [Submit printed form] Hand in 2 hard copies of dissertation and a Letter of Authority (signed by the student) to the Library
  • 。Asia Watermark(Upload) ( PDF/JPG)

10.Completion of School-Leaving Procedures

  • 。 Apply [Online] Graduate School-Leaving Procedure Management System

AREE Ethics Certification-Manual