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Why Choose Us

Why Choose AU Department of Business Administration?

Studying the programs of the Department of Business Administration at Asia University is advantageous! Here are reasons to come and join us:

  1. International Prestigious Professor Lectures
Our department employs foreign teachers as full-time teachers, through course teaching to enhance students’ international vision, and learn about international life, international academic trends, and international cultural background through life counseling.

  1. Overseas Internship
The department provides opportunities for students to study abroad, which can not only strengthen their personal cross-cultural communication skills, but also learn about the overseas working environment from internships, thereby enhancing their personal international thinking. In recent years, overseas internship companies include Malaysia Yongxin Company, Philippines EG Healthcare Company, Thailand Micepigs Company, Myanmar Dahan Food Company, Myanmar Vivisocial Pacific Company, Thailand EOI Company, etc.

  1. International Exchanges and Collaborations
Our department provides students with opportunities to apply for overseas exchange students, such as applying for the "Study and Flying" program. Many students take this opportunity to fulfill their dream of studying abroad and become an important catalyst for international mobility. In recent years, students have successfully applied for overseas exchange courses, including Sejong University in South Korea, Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland, Nagasaki University in Japan, and Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain.
The department actively handles international exchanges, allowing students of this nationality to broaden their international horizons, including dual degrees, short-term training, inviting foreign scholars to speak at the school, and holding academic exchange meetings.

  1. Practical Learning with Enterprise Electronics
This department trains students to make good use of information systems to achieve practical learning capabilities. The learning process can not only be proactive, but also improve students' communication skills, teamwork skills, and information operation skills, and then have the ability to learn practically in the industry and participate in domestic and foreign competitions. Announcement, and certification and verification of Tongguo Information.

  1. New Technology Integration Module Curriculum Design
The course design of this department not only takes into account the five-management (production management, marketing management, human resource management, research and development management, financial management), and aims to conform to the 5G era to make good use of information technology to create five-management characteristics, such as: production management combined with industry 4.0, marketing Management makes good use of big data, research and development focus on website or community development, and financial management toward the use of financial technology.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Management Oriented Curriculum
The department offers artificial intelligence and management courses to train field experts who understand AI, not AI engineers. The focus of the course is on the concept introduction, development trend, and application examples of AI; and through the project, students are asked to think about the possible applications of AI in their own fields.

  1. Developing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competencies
The course of this department focuses on students’ professionalization and practical ability, and can cultivate students' ability of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, and encourage students to develop their creative ability to participate in various innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship competitions.

  1. Equipping with E-Commerce Entrepreneurship Competencies

The department learns through e-commerce courses. Students have digital marketing and social marketing capabilities. They can also integrate e-commerce-related theories and practical skills to encourage students to have the ability to operate in teams and to write business plans to participate in competitions.