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Student graduating with a program degree from our department pursue interesting and rewarding careers upon graduation that call upon the five learning goal-based competencies they developed at the department. With the skills and abilities that our students develop in the management major, they pursue careers where they manage people, information, and action.

Our graduates start their careers in a variety of companies and organizations. Recent graduates went to work for firms. They work in domestic or foreign private organizations in the field of Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Production Management, Operations Management, Research & Development, Information/Technology Management, Educational Administration/Management, and others. Besides, they may take civil service entrance examinations, and work in government agencies. The department also encourages students to teach or pursue advanced studies in schools of management at foreign and domestic institutions.

Some sample job titles from some of our recent graduates include:

• Staffing specialist
• Staffing Consultant
• Trainer
• HR administrator
• Recruiter
• Executive Officer
• Executive Team Leader
• Chief Executive Officer
• Consultant
• Secretary
• Sales Strategist
• Sales Representative
• Service Representative
• Client Service Specialist
• Technology Coordinator
• Administrative Assistant
• Administrative Manager
• Branch Manager
• Business Manager
• Office Manager/Director
• Operations Manager/Director
• Operations Coordinator
• Quality Control Coordinator
• Real Estate Officer
• Insurance Agent
• Business Systems Analyst
• Marketing Manager/Director
• Marketing Technologist
• Project Manager
• Social Media Manager
• HR Coordinator
• HR Specialist
• Stockbroker
• Account Executive
• Financial Officer
• Professor/Lecturer/instructor/teacher
• Manufacturing Manager/Director
• Import/Export Specialist