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Graduate Students Q&A

Q&A for International Students

Regarding academic affairs

1. Q: When can I register for the courses of the new semester?
  A: The Academic Affairs Office announces course registration schedule usually
    at the end of each semester. Students should just follow the schedule.

2. Q: Where can I apply for certificates of study and transcript?
  A: You can apply for these certificates at the Academic Affairs Office.

3.Q: Does the university offer any grants or sponsorship for international
   students who want to attend international conferences?

 A: You should apply for the grants of National Science Council (NSC) first.
   Once being rejected, then you can apply to the Office of Research &
   Development for Asia University’s financial support.

4.Q: How do I apply for leave or drop-out from school?
 A: To apply, please visit the Academic Affairs Office. The application should be completed at least one week before the event.
Regarding Health, Insurance & Medical Care

5.Q: Do I need to join Taiwan’s National Healths Insurance (NHI)? Is it mandatory?
  A: Yes, the current “National Health Insurance Act” regulates that NHI is mandatory for any international students who decide to stay in Taiwan for at least 4 months with an Alien Residence Certificate(ARC).

6.Q: When does the NHI coverage begin?
A: It depends on the date of issue of your ARC.

7.Q: How much do I have to pay for NHI?
  A: The monthly fee is NT$749. However, you have to make the payment for the whole semester (6 months) at the Cashier while registering for the new semester in order to complete your registration process.

8. Q: Do I, with NHI, still need to make any payment while visiting a doctor?
  A: Yes, you do. The benefit package of NHI does not include everything. For each visiting, you still need to pay for the copayment. Extra fee will be charged to you if you need special treatment and/or medicine.

9. Q: Do I have any other insurance except for NHI?
  A: Yes, students’ insurance. Once you are a student of Asia University, you are entitled to this insurance. This insurance covers your hospitalization and accident. If you have the need, please consult the Sanitary and Health Caring Center, Academic Affairs Office.

Regarding Opening a Bank Account 

10. Q: Can I open a saving account in Taiwan?
   A: You can open a saving account if you are over 20.

11. Q: What documents do I need to open a bank account?
   A: You need to prepare the following documents to open an account: passport,visa,student ID and ARC(all in photo copies). You also need to deposit NT$1,000 to activate your bank account.
Regarding Scholarship

12. Q: When and where can I receive the monthly stipend?
   A: On the 20tof each month, please visit us at the office of the International College to sign the receipt of the stipend for the coming month. Once you submit a copy of your bankbook to our office, your monthly stipend will be deposited to the account directly on the 10th of every month. Otherwise, you need to visit the Cashier to get cash on the same date.

13. Q: Do I still receive monthly stipend during summer and winter vacation?
   A: Yes, you do.

14. Q: Where can I claim my postal letters and packages?

   A: At the General Affairs Office. When they receive your letters or packages,
usually they will notify you either by email or phone call.