Chen, Shieh-Liang
Status Professor
Name Chen, Shieh-Liang
Job title Professor
Office/TEL M646/(04)2332-3456#5540
Education PhD., Department of Business Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Expertise Supply Chain Management, Marketing Channel Management, Chain Management, Marketing Research
Office Hour Office Hour
Professional Experience

Editorial committee of Taiwan Business Performance Journal, Committee of Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan. Papers published in Journal of Business Research, Journal of the Operational Research Society, European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Production Research, Production Planning & Control, Applied Economics, Management Review, Industry and Management Forum, Journal of Quality.

Honors & Awards

2014 Excellent Teaching Award of Asia University, Chair of Labor Relations Association at Taichung.

Year Paper Title
2022 張家馨、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)*, 學 校翻轉──願 景領導的系統化服務創新模式之個案研究, 學校行政雙月刊, vol.138 no.1 pp.29-51
2020 施婷芸(Ting-Yun Shih)、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)*, CSR 對公司價值的影響 : CEO 的能力及權力的作用, 運動與觀光研究, vol.9 no.2 pp.29-46
2019 何玉霞(Yu-Hsia Ho)、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)、謝廷豪(Ting-Hao Hsieh), A Study on the mediating Effect of Learning Orientation on the relationship between Transformational Leadership and Employee Lifelong Learning, The Journal of Social Sciences Research, vol.5 no.1 pp.48-50
2019 李國賓(Kuo-Pin Li)、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)、邱文宏(Wen-Hong Chiu)、盧文正(Wen-Cheng Lu), Strategies of Reduce Customer's No-Show Probability at Restaurants, The Journal of Social Sciences Research, vol.5 no.1 pp.145-152
2018 呂宜緻(Lu Yi-CHIH)、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)、紀慧如(Chi HuI-Ru), An Empirical Study of Supply Chain Structure, Supplier management and Competitive Strategy on Responsible Supply Chain, Global and Stochastic Analysis, vol.5 no.6 pp.1-15
2018 盧文正(Wen-Cheng Lu)、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)、邱文宏(Wen-Hong Chiu)、李國賓(Kuo Pin Li), A Study Investigating the Stage-by-Stage Pre-Order Platform Strategies-taking Online Pre-Order Catering Platforms for Examples, International Journal of Business and Administrative Studies, vol.4 no.6 pp.239-250
2018 李國賓(Kuo-Pin Li)、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)、邱文宏(Wen-Hong Chiu)、盧文正(Wen-Cheng Lu), Strategies of Reduce Customer's No-Show Probability at Restaurants, International Journal of Global Science Research, vol.5 no.2 pp.724-735
2017 許玉音(Yu-Yin Hsu)、Jen-Son Cheng(Jen-Son Cheng)*、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)、許世芸(Shih-Yun Hsu), To Buy More or Less: Business Intelligence and Analytics of Chinese Tourists’ Shopping Behaviors in Taiwan, Far East Journal of Electronics and Communications, vol.17 no.5 pp.941-947
2017 許玉音(Yu-Yin Hsu)、許世芸(Shih-Yun Hsu)*、Jen-Son Cheng、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG), Is the World Flat? Critical Tests of Culture Theories’ Explanations of International Travel, Far East Journal of Electronics and Communications, vol.17 no.5 pp.1079-1084
2017 邱文宏(Wen-Hong Chiu)*、李勝隆(Sheng-Lung Lee)*、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)、Xing Li, Service Innovation Model in Manufacturing Industry: A Perspective of Asset Specificity, International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, vol.15 no.24 pp.361-367
2016 陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)*、Li-Yu Chen, The Effects of Customers' Bargaining Power on Capital Expenditure and Earings Management: Evidence from Taiwan, Accounting and Finance Research, vol.5 no.3 pp.12-28
2016 姜祖華(Tzuu-Hwa Jiang)、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)*、陳坤成(James K.C. Chen), Examining the role of behavioral intention on multimedia teaching materials using FSQCA, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, vol.69 no.6 pp.2252-2258
2016 陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)、Nguyen Thi Huyen Tran(Nguyen Thi Huyen Tran)*、Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Concerns of Vietnamese Producing-exporting Seafood SMEs (VPESSMEs) on Supply Chain, International Business Research, vol.9 no.6 pp.120-130
2016 Hui-Ming Shih(Hui-Ming Shih)*、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)、王郁玫(Yu-Mei Wang), A study of Integrating Mobile Technology Integration System of Orienteering Tour into Sightseeing Tour Planning Curriculum, World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education, vol.14 no.2 pp.271-276
2016 陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)、Van Kien Pham、陳坤成(James K.C. Chen), Evaluating and Selecting the Best Outsourcing Service Country in East and Southeast Asia: An AHP Approach, JOURNAL OF TESTING AND EVALUATION, vol.44 no.1 pp.89-101
2016 Chia-Ying Liu、Shiu-Chen Huang、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)*, The Effects of Agency Costs and Insiders’ Shareholdings on Financing Choices, Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting, vol.8 no.1 pp.127-151
2015 Yi-Mien Lin、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)*、Chin-Fang Chao, R&D expenditure, financing policy, and default risk, International Journal of Economics and Accounting, vol.6 no.1 pp.81-104
2014 Hui-Ming Shih、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)*、Chih-Hung Wang, Development of Causal Model of Four Parameters upon Statistical and Mathematical Analysis and Management, Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol.479-480 pp.795-799
2014 邱文宏(Wen-Hong Chiu)*、張震冬、紀慧如(Hui Ru,Chi)、陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG), 探討雲端服務創新模式與演進:中華電信為例, 管理評論/Management Review, vol.33 no.4 pp.67-88
2014 陳世良(Chen Shieh-Liang)、梁皓安(Hao-An Liang), Cause mapping of simple and complex marketing strategy, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, vol.67 no.1 pp.2867-2876
2013 陳世良(Chen Shieh-Liang)、林琩祐(Lin Chang-Yu)、林宜勉(Lin Yi-Mien), Ownership Structure, Idiosyncratic Risk and Financing Policy, Journal of International Finance Studies, vol.13 no.2 pp.51-62
2013 邱文宏(Wen-Hong Chiu)、林宏嘉、朱立聖(Chu Li-Sheng)、陳世良(Chen Shieh-Liang), 以服務失誤觀點發展服務創新策略-以中華電信ADSL維修服務為例, 產業與管理論壇/Industry and Management Forum, vol.15 no.1 pp.66-86
2013 劉志諒(Liu C. L.)、陳世良(Chen Shieh-Liang)*, Risk Sharing in the Supplier Relations for the Taiwanese Automotive Industry, JOURNAL OF THE OPERATIONAL RESEARCH SOCIETY, vol.64 no.3 pp.365-371
2010 陳世良(Chen Shieh-Liang)、黃憲彰(Huang S. C.), Managing Supply Chain Risk with Options and Online Spot Markets, Journal of Statistics & Management Systems, vol.13 no.2 pp.389-407
2009 林宜勉(Lin Y. M.)、Hsu Y. S.(Hsu Y. S.)*、陳世良(Chen Shieh-Liang), Cash-Flow News, Market Liquidity and Liquidity Risk, Applied Economics, APPLIED ECONOMICS, vol.41 pp.1137-1156
2008 陳世良(Chen Shieh-Liang)、劉志諒(Liu C. L.)*, The Optimal Consignment Policy for the Manufacturer under Supply Chain Coordination, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH, vol.46 no.18 pp.5121-5143
2007 陳世良(Chen Shieh-Liang)、劉志諒(Liu C. L.)*, Procurement Strategies in the Presence of the Spot Market- an Analytical Framework, PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL, vol.18 no.4 pp.297-309
2007 陳世良(Chen Shieh-Liang)、黃憲彰(Huang S. C.)*、林宜勉(Lin Y. M.), Using Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Models to Investigate the Interactions among NASDAQ and Major Asian Stock Indices, APPLIED ECONOMICS LETTERS, vol.14 no.2 pp.127-133
Date of Publication Paper Title
2017.05 陳世良(CHEN SHIEH LIANG)、Chia-Ying Liu、Cheng-Kun Liu, Corporate Social Responsibility, Employee Productivity and Firm Valuation , 40th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association, 西班牙/瓦倫西亞
2011.04 廖詳銘、陳世良(Chen Shieh-Liang)、黃憲彰, 在條件風險值下製造商最佳退貨契約之設計 , 2011 商管與資訊研討會
Project Title Participator Period
消費者策略觀望行為下廠商最適價格與策略性缺貨之傳訊品質設計 (NSC 102-2410-H-468-017) 2013.08 ~ 2014.07
供應鏈去中間化下製造商最佳風險契約研究 (NSC 101- 2410-H-468-001) 2012.08 ~ 2013.07
共創雙贏條件製造商之最適價格促銷與零售商存貨決策之制定 (100-asia-53) 2011.12 ~ 2012.11
雙邊道德危險供應鏈成本分享契約之研究 (NSC 98-2410-H468-033-MY2) 陳世良(Chen Shieh-Liang) 2009.08 ~ 2011.07
在現貨市場競爭下供應商之罪是選擇權契約之研究 (NSC 97-2410-H018-010) 陳世良(Chen Shieh-Liang) 2008.08 ~ 2009.07
Category Course Code Course Title Year
研究所博士班 98D00022A 供應鏈管理專題 111
碩士在職專班 84E00145A 消費者行為研究 111
大學日間部 82U00144A 學輔時間(二) 111
大學日間部 82U00001C 人力資源管理 111
Year Project name Advising professor Department Student name
105 欲留顧客金,必先盡其心--社群與品牌忠誠的探討 陳世良 經營管理 林龍璟