Lin, Chun-Wei
Name Lin, Chun-Wei
Job title Distinguished Professor & Dean of Academic Affairs
Office/TEL M649/(04)2332-3456#3131
Education PhD., Department of Industrial Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, US
Expertise Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing and Logistics System Design, Plan and Control, Green Production Management, Health Industry Management
Office Hour Office Hour
Professional Experience

Conveners of E-commerce Division and Business Franchise Division, Service Industry and Innovation Research Project (SIIR), Department of Commerce, MOEA; Chief Reviewer of Small Business Innovation Research Project (SBIR), Department of Industrial Technology, MOEA; Technical reviewers for National Focal Industry Technologies (logistics, manufacturing, and service industries); Instructor for CILT certificate training; Reviewer for National Higher Education Universities, MOE; Reviewer for Science and Technology Universities; Convener for IEET; Deputy Secretary of CIIE, Founding board member of APBITM; Board member of APIEMS, Senior consultant of YSPSAH

Honors & Awards

Accumulated grand amount reaching 129 million NT dollars. Published over 300 articles including research papers, conference papers, technical papers, and computer software. 

Year Paper Title
2021 鄭琇云(Jeng Shiou-Yun)、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)、Korbkul Jantarakolica、Raymond Tan, Resource Efficiency Improvement: Zero Waste Discharge Planning in a Pulp-and-Paper Firm under Uncertainties, Management of Environmental Quality:An International Journal, vol.32 no.3 pp.646-664, 2021
2021 曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、Raditia Sujanto、Ming K. Lim、BUI TAT DAT, Assessing sustainable consumption in packaged food in Indonesia: corporate communication drives consumer perception and behavior, Sustainability, vol.13 no.14 pp.1-22, 2021
2021 ?玉涓(PARNG YUH JIUAN)、Taufik Kurrahman、Chih-Cheng Chen、曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)、Minh Ha、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin), Visualizing the hierarchical sustainable human resource management under qualitative information and complex interrelationships, Management of Environmental Quality:An International Journal, vol.32 no.6 pp.1422-1447, 2021
2021 曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)、鄭琇云(Jeng Shiou-Yun)、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、Ming K. Lim, Recycled Construction and Demolition Waste Material: a Cost–Benefit Analysis under Uncertainty, Management of Environmental Quality:An International Journal, vol.32 no.3 pp.665-680, 2021
2020 曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)*、Chia-Hao Chang、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、Tran Thai Ha Nguyen、Ming K. Lim, Environmental responsibility drives board structure and financial and governance performance: A cause and effect model with qualitative information, JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, vol.258 pp.1-13, 2020
2020 Jining Zhou、Bo Zhang、Runhua Tan、曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)*、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、Ming K. Lim, Using Neighborhood Rough Set Theory to Address the Smart Elderly Care in Multi-Level Attribute, Symmetry-Basel, vol.12 no.2 pp.1-25, 2020
2020 曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)*、Chia-Hao Chang、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、K.J. Wu、Q. Chen、L. Xia、B. Xue, Future trends and guidance for the triple bottom line toward sustainability: a data driven bibliometric analysis, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH, 2020
2020 林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、Min-Tsung Chen、曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)*、周純峰(Shun Fung Chiu)、Mohd Helmi, Profit maximization for waste furniture recycled in Taiwan using cradle-to-cradle production programming, MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING, vol.20 pp.1-15, 2020
2020 林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、Min Tsung Chen、曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)*、Tatre Jantarakolica、Helen Xu, Multi-Objective Production Programming to Systematic Sorting and Remanufacturing in Second-Hand Clothing Recycling Industry, Symmetry-Basel, vol.12 no.1161 pp.1-22, 2020
2020 曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)、Phan Anh Tan、Kuo-Jui Wu、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、Nitcha Todumrongkul、Patrapapar Juladacha、Gabriella Christianti, Sustainable Total Resource Management in Thailand Healthcare Industry under Uncertain Situations, Sustainability, vol.12 no.22 pp.9611-9634, 2020
2019 鄭琇云(Shiou-Yun Jeng)、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)*、Tartre Jantarakolica, Cradle-to-cradle zero discharge production planning system for the pulp and paper industry using a fuzzy hybrid optimization model, Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal, vol.31 no.3 pp.645-663, 2019
2019 曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)*、Phan Anh Tan、Shiou-Yun Jeng、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、耶利納(Yeneneh Tamirat Negash)、Susilo Nur Aji Cokro Darsono, Sustainable Investment: Interrelated among Corporate Governance, Economic Performance and Market Risks Using Investor Preference Approach, Sustainability, vol.11 no.7 pp.1-15, 2019
2019 林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、鄭琇云(Shiou-Yun Jeng)、曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)*、Wai Peng Wong, Sustainable development for zero-wastewater-discharge reproduction planning under quantitative and qualitative information, Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal, vol.30 no.5 pp.1114-1131, 2019
2019 曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)*、Chia-Hao Chang、Kuo-Jui Wu、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、Bhuripan Kalnaovkul、Raymond R. Tan, Sustainable Agritourism in Thailand: Modeling Business Performance and Environmental Sustainability under Uncertainty, Sustainability, vol.11 no.15 pp.4087-4107, 2019
2019 曾明朗(Ming-Lang Tseng)*、Chunyi Lin、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、Kuo-Jui Wu、Thitima Sriphon, Ecotourism development in Thailand: Community participation leads to the value of attractions using linguistic preferences, JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, vol.231 pp.1319-1329, 2019
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2018 林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)*、?玉涓(PARNG YUH JIUAN), A Minimum Machining Cost Approach for Automated Tolerance Assignment in Concentricity Control, International Journal of Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing, vol.6 no.2 pp.104-108, 2018
2017 鄭琇云(Shiou-Yun Jeng)、林君維(Chun-Wei Lin)*, Fuzzy cradle to cradle remanufacturing planning for a recycled toner cartridge industry, International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, vol.25 no.4 pp.423-442, 2017
2016 劉正雄(Cheng Hsiung Liu)*、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin), Comparative TOPSIS of Speed Analysis for the Crypto Algorithm Establishment, Research Journal of Applied Science, vol.11 no.11 pp.1324-1327, 2016
2016 劉正雄(Cheng Hsiung Liu)*、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin), The Comparison of the AHP TOPSIS analysis applied for the Commercialization Military Aircraft Logistic Maintenance Establishment, International Business Management, vol.10 no.4 pp.6428-6432, 2016
2015 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin)*、龎玉涓(PARNG YUH JIUAN)、Shiou-Ching Gao, An Improved Happiness-Based Scheduling for Nurse Shifts Planning, The Journal of MacroTrends in Health and Medicine, vol.3 no.1 pp.168-175, 2015
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2011 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin)、Hsiau, Hsian-Jong(Hsiau, Hsian-Jong)*, Using an Efficient New Gene for Genetic Algorithm to Solve the Multi-Buyer Joint Replenishment Problem, Contemporary Management Research, vol.07 no.4 pp.313-328, 2011
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1996 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin)*, A Flow-Time-Based Approach for Parallel Production Scheduling, Journal of Science and Technology(科技學刊), vol.5 no.2 pp.19-34, 1996
Year Book Title
2009 2008 Taiwan Logistics Yearbook, Green Logistics-New Challenge under the Sustainable Development, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Jan. 2009
2007 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin), Strategic Logistics Management (Chinese Edition)(運籌管理), McGraw-hill Education Taiwan, Jan. 2007
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Date of Publication Paper Title
2019.03 潘靜萱、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin), 整合雲端APP與物聯網技術以提升農產物流 集運效率與品質監測 , 2019資訊科技與實務研討會, Mar. 2019, 中華民國/台北市
2018.11 林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin)、Azhar, Andi、 Chen, Hui-Chuan、Lin, Wen-Hsin, The Last, Mile Logistics Integrity for Halal Food Supply Chain Management in Taiwan - 2018 International Conference on Resource Sustainability - Asia Pacific, Nov. 2018, Taichung, Taiwan, ROC
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2018.06 Tuan, Hai Nguyen、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin), Consumer behavior driven models to improve waste mobile phone recycling , 2018 International Forum on Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (FAHSS), Jun. 2018, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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2017.05 Andi Azhar、林君維(Chun-Wei Remen Lin), DETERMINING BUSINESS MODEL FOR INDONESIA MOBILE OPERATORS TO REACH THE GROWING EMERGING MARKET IN INTERNET PREPAID CARD USER , 2017 International Conference on E-Business and Internet (ICEBI 2017), May. 2017, Taichung, Taiwan
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The Fuzzy Competitiveness Analysis for the Commercialization of Military Aircraft Maintenance in Domestic Aerospace Industry-A Case Study of Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation, Penghu, Taiwan
Fuzzy Analysis for the Environmental Impact Factor Evaluation based on Air, Water, Waste, and Noise – a Recycle Plant Case Study, Taichung, Taiwan
Investigation of Implementing the Customer Relationship Management Model for the Hypermarket, Taichung, Taiwan
Application of RFID in the Management of the 3C Retail Industry”, Proceedings of the 1st Conference of the Taiwan Operations Research Institute and the 2004 Technological and Management Conference, Taipei, Taiwan
Integrated Fuzzy Recycle and Production Planning for the Green Supply Chain, Tainan, Taiwan
A Fuzzy PERT Approach in Controlling the Makespan Risk in the Factory Construction Project, Tainan, Taiwan
A Strategic Quick Response Approach for Dynamic Supply Chain Management of Perishable Goods, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
A Design of Production-Distribution Network with Modular Design Product to Enhance the Partnership in the Global Supply Chain, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Manila, Philippines
Applying the Predictive Modeling Control Method to Improve the Bullwhip Effect in the Supply Chain, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Fuzzy Vehicle Dispatching of the Diversified-Service Distribution Hub, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Environmental Impact and e-Business Study of the Sea Transportation Industry, Taichung, Taiwan
Green Quality Function Development with Environmental Awareness Considerations, Taichung, Taiwan
Storage Planning of a Military Automated Logistics Center – A Case Study, Taipei County, Taiwan
Production Competitiveness Analysis of Domestic Nonalcoholic Beverage Industry, Taipei County, Taiwan
A Fuzzy PERT Approach for Managing the Petroleum Chemical Plant Construction Project, Tokyo, Japan
Passenger demand Forecast of the Taiwan Railway administration, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
An efficient Algorithm for Solving the Multi-Buyer Joint replenishment Problem, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Strategic Policy Review of the Nurse Practitioners Licensure System in Taiwan, Taichung, Taiwan
Investigation of KSF in Global Logistics -- Taiwan's Perspective, Seoul, Korea
Using an Efficient New Gene for Genetic Algorithm to Solve the Multi-buyer Joint Replenishment Problem, Seoul, Korea
A Distribution Model of Epidemic Prevention Goods in Epidemic Prevention Network of the Infectious Diseases--a Case Study of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Chongli, Taiwan
Integration of Order Picking Process and Strategic Management of Distribution Path in Distribution Center, Chongli, Taiwan
A Neuro-Fuzzy Globalization Evaluation Model for the International Logistic Industry, 南華大學,嘉義, 台灣
The Model of the Selection and Distribution of Retails with Product Power Foundation, Taipei County, Taiwan
Considering Reliability to Integrate Preventive Maintenance and Production Scheduling for a Single Machine Environment, Taipei County, Taiwan
Optimal Multi-Mode Multi-Type Resource Allocation Policy for Construction Project, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
忙裡偷閒單車趣之快樂體驗, 國立中央大學,中壢市,台灣
公共自行車租借站之設施區位問題研究, 國立中央大學,中壢市,台灣
從交期、品質、彈性觀點探討外包供應商之評選, 大同大學,台北市,台灣
物流中心重建規劃案-以中部地區某物流業為例, 逢甲大學,中壢市,台灣
A Fuzzy-Nuro Performance Evaluation Model for the International Logistic Companies, Cebu, Philippines
災區緊急救援物資之機動配送研究, 國立聯合大學, 苗栗,台灣
探討利潤最大化下之有機蔬菜生產規劃研究, 國立聯合大學, 苗栗,台灣
玉米碳足跡試算模式之建立-以雲林某有機農場為例, 國立勤益科技大學,台中,台灣
Upstream Production Scheduling Considering Supplier’s Dynamic Serviceability, Melaka - Malaysia
整合Kano二維模式與品質機能展開法於服務品質之研究-以車輛安全審驗中心為例, 東海大學,台中,台灣
航空工業導入RFID技術之關鍵成功因素研究, 東海大學,台中,台灣
全球運籌管理與倉庫位址設立-以某家不銹鋼公司為例, 東海大學,台中,台灣
健保藥局聯合物流中心-以雲林縣為例, 東海大學,台中,台灣
應用資料探勘技術於健檢資料庫的顧客關係管理, 東海大學,台中,台灣
社區性農產物流中心評選規劃之研究, 南台科技大學, 台南,台灣
根據 大型供應鏈 AHP , 建立完成度評估準則, 南台科技大學, 台南,台灣
KSF for Production Bases Positioning in Global Logistics Management -- Taiwan's Perspective, 環球科技科技大學, 雲林,台灣
應用資料探勘技術於健檢資料庫的顧客關係管理, 國立台北大學, 台北,台灣
探討利潤最大化之封閉性養豬生產規劃, 台灣科技大學, 台北, 台灣
公車捷運站設置問題之研究-以台中市為例, 台灣科技大學, 台北, 台灣
考量碳權交易機制下非等效平行機台排程問題之研究, 台灣科技大學, 台北, 台灣
再生碳粉匣C2C 再製計畫之研究, 新科技大學, 新竹,台灣
考慮瓶頸機台與穩健度的生產排程, 義守大學, 高雄,台灣
無線射頻辨識系統(RFID)運用於貨櫃保全與即時巡邏TSP 規劃之研究, 國立臺中科技大學, 台中,台灣
以利潤為目標探討C2C柳橙汁產業鏈生產規劃之研究, 靜宜大學, 台中, 台灣
以永續角度探討自給率最大化之糧食供給策略, 靜宜大學, 台中, 台灣
考量利潤及污染之多目標區域型廚餘回收再利用規劃, 靜宜大學, 台中, 台灣
C201應用SVM分類技術於健檢後續之定期追蹤決策分析, 靜宜大學, 台中, 台灣
Project Title Participator Period
王品集團排班系統 (I105HB215) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin)、陳宏益(Hongyi Chen) 2016.10 ~ 2017.05
石二鍋設店規劃 (I105MA178) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2016.09 ~ 2017.02
以利潤最大化為目標下我國養豬產業搖籃到搖籃(C2C)之永續生產規劃 (MOST 105-2221-E-224 -037) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin)、龎玉涓(PARNG YUH JIUAN) 2016.08 ~ 2017.07
水足跡成本最小化之非等效平行機台生產排程-以染整業為例 (MOST 104-2221-E-224-027) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin)、龎玉涓(PARNG YUH JIUAN) 2015.08 ~ 2016.07
以收益最大化為目標之工廠廢熱回收設備綠色設施規劃 (MOST 103-2221-E-468 -031) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin)、龎玉涓(PARNG YUH JIUAN) 2014.08 ~ 2015.07
以模糊商品力為競爭基礎之成衣產業供應鏈管理 (NSC 102-2221-E-224-076) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin)、龎玉涓(PARNG YUH JIUAN) 2013.08 ~ 2014.07
雲端綠色碳粉匣C2C(搖籃到搖籃)環境建置與最佳再製生產規劃 (NSC 101-2221-E-224 -053) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2012.08 ~ 2013.07
101年度全國技專校院辦理具勞作教育及服務學習內涵課程績優甄選暨觀摩研討會 (101-610) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2012.04 ~ 2012.12
縣市藝文特色發展計畫-圓夢尖兵布袋戲植根推廣 (101-A309) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2012.04 ~ 2012.12
101年大專校院學生事務工作計畫 (101-A017) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2012.03 ~ 2012.12
中區高等技職院校學生國際化交流暨合作發展願景與促進計畫 (100-J02-2) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2011.09 ~ 2012.12
災區救援物資緊急配送規劃 (NSC 100-2221-E-224-030) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2011.08 ~ 2012.07
台大醫院健康管理中心行銷計畫案 (100-335) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2011.08 ~ 2011.11
100年度大專校院學生事務工作計畫 (100-A048) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2011.08 ~ 2012.07
100年台灣青年國際志工服務隊計畫「心靈停泊站─尼泊爾服務團」(教育部) (100-A314) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2011.08 ~ 2012.07
100年台灣青年國際志工服務隊計畫「心靈停泊站─尼泊爾服務團」(青輔會) (100-A314) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2011.08 ~ 2012.07
100年度全國技專校院辦理具勞作教育及服務學習內涵課程績優甄選暨觀摩研討會 (100-611) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2011.07 ~ 2011.12
「淨、省、水」-高效能灰水再利用省水系統設計開發計畫 (NSC 100-2218-E-224-004) 游元良(Yuanlian You)、林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2011.06 ~ 2012.03
100年度多元就業開發方案-大專賃居服務訪視人力 (100-A007) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2011.03 ~ 2011.08
鼎芮實業低溫物流改善案 (99-394) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2010.10 ~ 2011.01
提升無線射頻系統(RFID)標籤訊號讀取效率之演算法研究 (NSC 98-2221-E-224 -035) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2009.08 ~ 2010.07
光發紡織即時生產系統管理建置 (20161112202032) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2009.01 ~ 2009.12
建構高危險感染性醫療廢棄物之模糊逆向運籌管理模式 (NSC 97-2221-E-224 -033) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2008.08 ~ 2009.07
97年度物流運作管理培訓課程 (97-253) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2008.07 ~ 2008.12
健康照護創新服務計畫-健康服務中心規劃案 (97-244) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2008.06 ~ 2008.08
鉅揚公司庫存管理作業系統製作 (97-248) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2008.04 ~ 2008.07
IC產業國際物流HUB個案 (97-168) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin)、呂明山(Mingshan Lu) 2008.03 ~ 2008.09
育成中心中小企業進駐 (97-115) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2008.03 ~ 2008.12
經濟部中小企業處補助創新育成中心計畫 (97-A303) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2008.01 ~ 2008.12
育成中心中小企業進駐 (97-179) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2008.01 ~ 2008.03
雲林縣斗六市區路邊停車收費民意調查 (96-362) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2007.11 ~ 2007.12
我國專科護理師甄審制度探討之研究 (96-290) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2007.08 ~ 2007.11
整合供應商供貨可獲性與現場機器可獲性之機動生產排程 (NSC 96-2221-E-224 -024) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2007.08 ~ 2008.07
教育部辦理技專校院「發展學校重點特色專案計畫」-「全球協同創新」菁英計畫(第三期) (96-A048) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2007.04 ~ 2007.12
產業供應鏈上下游物流容器標準化研究 (96-248) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2007.04 ~ 2007.12
育成中心中小企業進駐 (96-115) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2007.01 ~ 2007.12
教育部「獎勵大學教學卓越計畫」—「全球化產業鏈管理學程」暨建立管理學院「先進產業電子化教學基礎建設」 (20161113172858) 林君維(Chun-Wei Lin) 2006.08 ~ 2007.07
教育部辦理技專校院「發展學校重點特色專案計畫」-「全球協同創新」菁英計畫(第二期) (95-A016,95TUMT-2) 2006.01 ~ 2006.12
教育部辦理技專校院「發展學校重點特色專案計畫」-「全球協同創新」菁英計畫(第一期) (94-A028) 2005.04 ~ 2005.12
彰源企業股份有限公司-彰源公司一般幹部能力養成訓練 (94-226) 2005.02 ~ 2005.12
Category Course Code Course Title Year
研究所博士班 98D00047B 產業策略與發展研討 113
大學日間部 XBU00039A 英文演講與國際禮儀(一) 113
大學日間部 XBU00044A 問題解決與自主學習 113