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Ting-Chun Chi, the Little Giant of Department of Business Administration, Asia University Is Recruited by TSMC!

     Ting-Chun Chi, a graduate of Department of Business Administration, Asia University, suffers from congenital cartilage dysplasia and has a body height of only 120 cm. She overcame her physical inconvenience and not only went abroad to work as an international volunteer, but also graduated with honors. She won a total of four awards including Asia University Founder Cheng-Lian Lin’s Award, Caring Group-education Award, Innovation Intellectual-education Award and Outstanding Moral-education Award, and was the focus of the graduation ceremony. With her capability and ambition, she was recruited by TSMC right after graduation.
     Ting-Chun has shorter limbs than others, and has complained in her heart about the situation. She lived unhappily every day and was looked at as an abnormal person whether at school or walking in the street. Before going to university, she was never the academically most eye-catching at school. Although she studied hard, her academic performance was mediocre.

    “At Asia University, I turned over a new leaf in life and proved that I with a height of 120 cm can also achieve a wonderful life!” At Asia University, Ting-Chun took every opportunity to learn with the encouragement from the teachers and the classmates. In the summer before she became a junior, she participated in the Malaysia International Volunteer Group to go abroad to work as a volunteer and find the joy of servicing others. Last year she again participated as an international volunteer, and took the position of chief convener.

    Ting-Chun said that for the TSMC interview before graduation, she acquainted herself with the internal operations of TSMC beforehand, and prepared a thick resume and a lot of data for the interview. After 3 interviews in 5 months, the interviewer affirmed her positive attitude and ambition and offered her a job at TSMC at Central Taiwan Science Park. She said happily, “I can not wait to move on towards the career journey with an optimistic and cheerful mood!”

Ting-Chun Chi at the graduation ceremony, accepting an award from the

President Chin-Fa Tsai (left) of Asia University

Ting-Chun Chi works as a volunteer worker overseas with an optimistic attitude


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