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The Team formed by the students of the Department of Business Administration and that of Creative Product Design won the 2nd place award in AU English Presentation Contest.

      A campus-wide English Presentation Contest was held on Wednesday afternoon, November 16th by AU Center for the Development of Language Teaching and Research. This contest was compeitive. A total of twenty-one local and international students were invited to join the competition, attracting more than 100 student spectators. Each participating team consisted of three to seven members, and had to create presentation power point slides of their own. The selection of presentation themes of this contest was open and broad so that participants can display their creativity, developing ideas about how to demonstrate their content in a short time using verbal and non-verbal communication techniques such as eye contacts, voice, tones, gestures, body movements, in order to cope with social or global issues they should be concerned about as citizens of the world. The team formed by the student of the Department of Business Administration, Yi-Shuan Li, and the students of the Department of Creative Product Design, Ruo-Wei Wu and Yi-Chin Wu won the second place award on the topic of “Let’s Save the Earth in Taichung,” emphasizing the importance of protecting the earth. As the winner Yi-Shuan Li said, participating in this contest was very beneficial. She saw many students perform excellently on all diverse topics, from which she learned a lot. This year, many teams’ presentation skills very differed from those of previous years. Despite having felt slightly nervous, she thought taking part in English Presentation Contest was a significant learning experience to her. It helped her not only increase the ability of English presentation skills but also enhance individual critical thinking skills.

Yi-Shuan Li, student of the Department of Business Administration, used lively verbal and

non-verbal communication skills to deliver her presentation

Group photo for participants, faculty members, and student audience

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